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High throughput non-invasive testing so we can all get back to work safely.


BioSmart™ is a division of Biotech Africa and has developed a saliva-based virus testing system that is faster, cheaper and more sensitive than any other testing platform.

It’s purpose is to provide population wide virus testing so that we can safely re-open our world.  


We screen saliva for virus, and blood for antibodies.







Now in South Africa

High Throughput COVID-19 Testing

With a daily capacity of up to 200 000 tests, testing the whole population is possible.

BioSmart is a complete virus screening system.  Individual sampling packs containing an easy to use, painless kit will be delivered or available for collection from authorised outlets.  As soon the sample arrives in the lab, robotic systems put it through the fastest and most sensitive PCR process available.  Delivering you the gold-standard in virus testing technology.


The user can then get on with their life - whether that's doing business, studying, travelling or enjoying an event with others - confident that those around them are also virus free. The cost is less than half that of the cheapest swab-based test.

How BioSmart Works


Get your sample kit

Order in bulk, and get sample collection kits delivered to you in 24 hours.


Complete on-line patient registration 


Samples tested

The samples arrive at our cutting edge laboratory and tested for viral nucleic acid and/or viral antibodies.  This tells us whether you are currently infected, or have recovered from a past infection.

On-line registration to access your test TOKEN.


Take your Sample(s)

Follow the easy instructions in the pack for non-invasive, simple saliva collection.  For the antibody screening test, follow the instructions for dry blood spot collection. 


Drop-Off Test

Samples collected by Aramex, and will be delivered back to the lab overnight for next day testing.


Be in the know.

As soon as the results are available you will be informed.


Get tested regularly

Regular testing will ensure you and your colleagues are safe.

Current Infection

Know if you have the virus by PCR, which is the gold standard in virus testing.  The BioSmart lab is a state of the art robotic platform that delivers the fastest, most sensitive PCR viral testing system in the world.

Past Infection

Know about past infection with an antibody test.  ELISA's are the gold standard for antibody screening. Robotic liquid handling systems and our own SARS-CoV-2 antigens ensure the most sensitive and accurate results available.  


Get tested.

Be in the know.

Get back to work.

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